Top Online Sports Betting Sites USA 2024

There are plenty of betting sites operating in the United States. Some of them are decent, most of them are dire. Our team figures that you only want to play at the best places, so we have put together this guide on what you should be looking for in top US betting sites. The problem with gambling in the US is that the rules and regulations in this country are restrictive. It is probably one of our greatest failures as a nation. 

This means that it is tough to get started in the gambling industry. As a result, you have problems with companies trying to skirt the laws a little (read: illegal). This means that in the US, you need to be very concerned about whether a site is legit or not. Thankfully for you, we have checked all the sites listed here beforehand, so you know they are going to be legally sound.

If you are looking to get started betting now as opposed to jumping through countless sites, then we have put together a couple of recommended betting sites below. These are the places where our team gambles, so you just know that they are going to be a legit and safe place to bet on your preferred sporting events.

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Sports & Other Betting Options

Obviously, the main thing you need to be on the lookout for is a site that has plenty of gambling options. You are going to be betting, after all. We know that most people who are betting will be into just a couple of sports.

Maybe some football, maybe a bit of basketball, if you fancy yourself somewhat of a European then some soccer. However, it certainly does not hurt to have more games than this available, particularly for some of the more boring sports that bit of extra spice. You probably won’t ever gamble on every sport that is available, but it is nice to have anyway. You can even think beyond sports. How about betting on TV shows or some politics? You may not have as many gambling options available to you here, but they are nice to have anyway! 

Live Sports Betting Online

This is something that has not really taken off in America as it has in Europe, but if you can find an online betting site that offers live betting then you will have the time of your life!

With live betting, you will be able to bet while the game is in motion. This means that you can watch the action on the screen (or listen to your radio if you are feeling a touch primitive), work out how the action is going on (maybe if there are any major roster changes in recent hours) and then bet accordingly. The odds will change as the sway of the matches changes, which means that you will need to bet smart if you want to make the most money.

Betting Sites Functionality

Once all that is out the way, you need to start looking into the boring stuff i.e. how the site functions. You will have plenty of stuff that needs to be considered here:

Sports Betting Odds

It is impossible for an online site to always have the best odds, mainly due to the way gambling works, but they should have decent odds most of the time. In an ideal world, you would be signed up to several different sites to make sure that you are able to always take advantage of the best possible odds for whatever is you want to bet on.