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New Online Sports Betting Sites

There are a few things and aspects that we suggest you should think about when you are looking for a new sport betting site to bet at, and although we focus on USA (and Canadian) betting sites, these suggestions apply to any country – no matter where you are located.

First up however, we are going to look at why it’s always a great idea to try out new betting sites. Often people can get stuck in their comfort zone at one website when there’s a whole world of new betting sites out there, each offering something unique and quite often, much better betting bonuses for new customers. So let’s take a look shall we?

Why should you bet at new sports books?

This is a question a lot of people ask but, honestly, new sports betting sites are, without a doubt, the best route to go down. You see, betting online is not really like buying anything else online. It is tough to get cheated if you use proper due diligence and research beforehand.

This is because every online betting site in every country needs to conform to strict laws and has to be licensed with a regulatory body. And this is why we suggest that you do your own due diligence and research:  It is up to you to check whether the new sport betting site is licensed in your country and also has a good, if not faultless reputation. That’s why sites likes ours exists however. We work hard to list reputable, safe and trusted new betting sites and our reputation is far more important than any sub- par betting site giving us money to promote them – we simply won't and we will not list a new betting site we don’t think is good.  

The main reason you should be betting online at new sites is because they more often than not, offer a better playing experience. The world of betting is based around reputation. Quite simply, If you don’t have a good reputation, then you will struggle to gain new customers.

This means that betting companies without a good reputation at the moment (i.e. the newer sites) really need to go to greater lengths to stand out fromt he rest and also well established sites.  That’s why it’s not uncommon for new betting sites to offer the following extras that really will enhance your online betting experience:

Betting Options Offered

When choosing a new betting site, make sure that you lookout for the betting options that are available. Of course, you will obviously want the new site to offer the sports that you want to bet on as well as many others you may want check out if you want to.

Make sure that the site you are thinking about joining offers one of the most exciting forms of online betting: Live Betting! This is, without a doubt, one of the most tactical ways to bet. You need to be able to get a good understanding on the game to stand any chance of winning when it comes to live betting, so take our tips and do not jump head first without first knowing what is going on!

Favorable Betting Odds

What’s more, there should be some awesome betting odds in place for you to take advantage of. Let is be known that it is going to be impossible for a site to always have the best odds in place. This is because they need to make a profit, so this is why odds constantly change based upon the way in which people are betting. However, new betting sites will usually try to offer you the best odds, as we say, it is a way they can stand out from the crowd.

Deposit &  Withdrawal Options

Check whether the betting site allows you to bet in bitcoin or not, which really makes depositing and withdrawal slick and easy (and you can usually get better bonuses when you deposit by Bitcoin!) as well as many other methods which are prefect for the online betting fan. It is the withdrawals that you need to be on the lookout for however, and this is something that some people forget to check. You do not need the minimum withdrawal amount to be so high that you will never benefit from it!

Betting Bonuses & Sports Offers

There needs to be bonuses to get you interested in signing up to the website but, perhaps more importantly, there needs to be loyalty bonuses which keep you playing. The more bonuses there are, the better and top betting sites usually offer more than a handful of sports promotions too, running on a wide selection of sports for all customers to take advantage of.

Top New Sports Betting Sites January 2020

If you are looking for the best new sports betting sites that you can gamble on, then check out the list below. The team here at  Casino Betting Sites really have put a lot of effort into ensuring that this list is ‘up to date’ with the latest and greatest offers in the world of USA betting, so make sure that you check back regularly as you will always find something new and of good value!

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